How to Find Cute Thrifted Items

I never used to care about thrifting. I didn’t like the “vintage look” or the “thrifted look.” I didn’t like the idea of my things being second hand. I used to just drive past all those rummage sales, Savers, Goodwill, you name it. But, I never understood the value of the saying “someone else’s trash is another persons treasure.” Sam and I enjoy going to antique stores and finding treasures. From there I started to think twice about thrifting. I actually really enjoy it now and look at it as a treasure hunt. If you are thinking the same thing right now, I invite you to keep reading, because I will show you that you, too, can go thrifting and also make your place look really nice, you just have to dig. Some things that I look for when I’m thrifting are décor, Knick knacks, furniture, books, baskets, jewelry and sometimes clothing.

This figurine is a classic and I found it at Goodwill. I’ve seen it in other homes and the collection is always beautiful. When I found this piece, I thought “why in the world would someone give this up?” They normally go for at least $30 but I believe I paid around $5-$7, which was a steal! I love it and will never give it up.

I found this painting at The Salvation Army. We were already on the search for this particular painting and this one was only $7. I recently painted it after we finished upgrading our kitchen. It was the only dark piece in the kitchen so it was pretty obvious I needed to paint it in order for it all to blend together.

I found this canoe at Savers. It was in the Knick knack section. At first I was breezing through but then I started to slow down and that’s when I found it and I knew it would fit perfectly in my house. Our theme is rustic/farmhouse. I only paid $4.99.

This wreathe was found at The Salvation Army. I honestly was on my out the door and I found this gem. It was calling my name and I had to get it. I only paid $4 when I could’ve gone to any retailer and easily paid $25 for it.

I was on the lookout for a basket like this. I don’t even know why either. I just love baskets and I wanted one like this. So of course, when I saw it, I had to snag it, especially when I saw the tag was still on it. I paid $3.

This chair is actually my latest prize. I have an idea for a chair that I’m not going to share about quite yet. But something told me to stop at Savers and there it was. I fell in love with it and knew it was meant to be when I saw it was only $4.99. I plan to paint it a different color but not sure yet. More on that at another time.

I found this Christmas house at a small Goodwill. I honestly forgot how much I paid, but couldn’t have been more than $7. Anyway, my goal is to build a Christmas town every year. This is my one and only building but more to come for that. Thrift stores always have Christmas stuff and it’s always super cheap.

I hope this inspired you that you don’t necessarily have to go to a Khol’s or a Target to get nice things.

What treasures have you found while thrifting? I’d love to hear about it!


The Leal’s

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