How I Decorate for Fall

Hello! Today is the first day of fall and it sure feels like it! I am noticing more colors than before and the air is just a little bit more crisp. Have you started decorating for fall yet? When I decorate for the season, I tend to start with little things here and there to spruce it up and get me in the mood. Now that we have a new house, I have so much more room to expand my fall décor, and that also means I need to get more in general. Starting out, I tried to make sure I had a little bit of fall in each room that we normally spend our time. From there, I will adjust as I decorate and have more inspiration.

I never pay full price, unless if it’s already pretty cheap to begin with. I usually wait until near the end of the season to get the super markdown stuff. Maybe someday I’ll make my own, we’ll see, who knows. Today this blog post is very simple and I’m mostly sharing pictures of what I’ve done to decorate for the fall season, and what better time to do it than the first day of fall!? I Hope what I have will bring some inspiration for you as well. I’ll start with my front door.


I found this wreath at Kohl’s and it was on clearance, like 90% off. It was on marked down from a mark down and I only paid $5.00. I couldn’t believe it! I love how full and vibrant it is.


On the table top I got these hay bales at The Dollar Tree along with the little leaves. The turkey was found at Michael’s a couple years ago and only $2 at the time.

Moving on to the living room, I found this sign last year at Michael’s, which was also on sale. I got the acorn at TJ Maxx for only $3.  I found this wreath a few years ago at Shopko, which has just recently closed, but I thought this was a great spot to add more color and texture. I got this little gourd display at The Dollar Store.


In the bathroom, these pumpkins were a gift so I have no idea where they came from, but I thought of just being simple and keeping those where they are.


In the spare bedroom, all I did was grab some leaves and flowers, put it in a purple vase and called it a day.


Moving to the downstairs are my newer additions. I had heard that the Target Dollar Spot had some great finds and wanted to see it for myself. Sure enough! These two cute little signs were a no brainer for me! When I went and looked, it was almost completely picked over, so I do plan on revisiting that very soon.


In each room I always have a candle to welcome in the fall season and make it a more cozy atmosphere. What have you done to decorate for fall?




The Leal’s

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