My Living Room Tour

Hello! Today I decided to invite you into my living room and walk you through some of the décor I’ve used. I’ve shared this space before but that was when we were in our apartment. Now we are in our new home and things are set up very differently. It’s always exciting to me when I get to decorate a brand new place because it’s like starting with a clean slate. All my décor is together and that brings on new inspiration.

When we initially viewed the house, the first thing I noticed about this room (and maybe you did too) was the bay window. I mean, who doesn’t want a bay window somewhere in their house? As a new houseplant enthusiast, I already knew that would be the perfect spot for my growing jungle. And they are thriving there. The curtains and the blinds came with the house and they just happen to match perfectly.


The shape of the living room was kind of intimidating to me because of the narrow dimensions and I wasn’t quite sure how it would all come together. Placing the furniture the way we liked it took some trial and error. It was Sam’s idea to place the tv in the corner and I was hesitant but decided to try it out. Once we actually had it there, we realized it was the best situation. From there it all fell into place. I’m very happy where we put the couch and chair because it flows so nicely and doesn’t feel awkward when entering the room. I think it makes it more inviting. If you’re wondering where we found our furniture, our couch, chair, coffee table, and side tables are all from Slumberland. The tv stand is from Amazon. My “Gather” pillow was on sale at Hobby Lobby and I grabbed it and ran.


The ladder was left by the sellers and I asked Sam one day what he was going to do with it. When he said he wanted to get rid of it, I spoke up and said I wanted it cut in half and put in the living room. I wanted it right next to the bookshelf. That area needed to be filled and the ladder was perfect for it. He surprised me one day and already had it done when I came home from work. I am so thrilled with it and have many ideas to decorate in the future, so stay tuned for that. For now, it works great for blankets and it completes the look I’m aiming for.

 The bookshelf was found in an antique store and was like nothing we’d seen before. I love the rustic look it has and is just different.


This clock stopped me in my tracks. It’s from Sam’s Club and only $25. Yes, you read that right. There is a black version of it as well so if you’re not into white, you’ve got another option. It is a great price and if you have a membership, I would snatch it up because they are normally at least $50 if you get it anywhere else. I knew I wanted a statement piece for that location and I was waiting until I found the right piece.


The gallery wall above the couch was literally just thrown together. It all started with the shutters. I felt they looked great above the couch at our apartment so I decided to keep it in the same spot. The shelf was actually his mothers and I knew when I saw it that it would be a great place for that. The bulletin board was from my bridal shower and was made as a frame, and if you look closely, you’ll see that it has our wedding invitation. The “LOVE” sign was a gift from my husband that he found from The Salvation Army and he filled it with a few of our wedding photos. It was so sweet when he gave it to me. “Faith, Hope, Love” was originally in our bedroom but this time it needed to be in the living room as it completes the theme.


This sign was purchased at the same antique store as the bookshelf. I love that it’s unique and that it has significant meaning. I’d honestly been wanting something with those words so this was definitely a win. The lamp was from his mother. I love the spot that it’s in.


The room is coming together but it’s come a long way. It looks so much better now that we ripped up that carpet. The plan is to definitely paint the walls and the doors. The color is much too dark for my taste and I need something that will compliment it all. I’m hoping to get an area rug for the living room, find art for the wall above the bookshelf and figure out how to decorate above the tv. That spot has me stumped, for now.


Tell me, what inspires you when you decorate your home?




The Leal’s

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