Fitbit vs. Apple Watch: My Reviews

If you are in the market for a smart watch but not sure which one to choose, I have had experience with both Fitbit and Apple Watch. Today I’m sharing my thoughts and my personal reviews on each. Whether you are a loyal Apple fan or Fitbit fan, they both have great features. Usually when someone is looking for a smart watch, it boils down to these two watches. So how do you know which one is right for you? What’s important for me will look different for you. So here are my pros and cons and I hope it will help you determine which is right for you. These are my own opinions based on my own experience.


I first started out with Fitbit Charge 2. The most important thing to me when considering a smart watch is accuracy. I wanted to know how many steps I was taking as well as how far I was going. I didn’t want to keep carrying my phone with me to keep track of my miles. I felt as though the watch encouraged me to work out more and move more often. I began competing with myself as well as others, which made it fun and exciting. For those who need that extra push, this feature works great.

I did feel as though it is a little too sensitive, however. I noticed it would count false steps when I would turn the wheel as I’m driving and that it worked against me. At the end of the day, I tried to compensate for the false steps that were already accounted for. The other thing I noticed is that the Charge 2 did not count my steps at all while I was on the treadmill. Which was very frustrating. I did upgrade to the Ionic and that was one improvement I noticed right away.

My second favorite feature was the fact that it kept track of my sleep. It was fun for me to see what my sleep rhythm is like throughout the night and if it was quality. I liked to see how long it took for me to fall asleep and how much sleep I actually got that night. It also works great as an alarm clock. My husband is a light sleeper and when I used to have a regular alarm, I felt bad about waking him up every morning. Now I don’t have to worry about it as I wake up to the vibration of my watch. On that note, the battery life is amazing. It easily lasted me 3 days. The only time I did not have my watch on was when I took a shower.

When I upgraded to the Ionic, some improvements they added to it is waterproof so you could take it swimming if desired, which is a something Fitbit never had before. In addition to receiving text messages and seeing missed phone calls, answering the phone from the Ionic is now possible, however, there is no microphone. So it’s rather redundant to have this feature because you can’t speak into the watch as you would with the Apple Watch. I did like the graphics displayed on the watch and I like that I could change the face but I did not care about the size of the watch. It’s too modern for my taste and it doesn’t look feminine at all. Being girly myself, I struggled with having a masculine looking watch on my wrist.

Apple Watch

 I went back and forth, should I get an Apple Watch or should I stick with Fitbit. My husband always had an Apple Watch. He was always very happy with it, for a short time, he switched to Ionic. He liked it but he quickly realized that the Apple Watch fit him and his needs much better than the Fitbit. He likes the fact that he can answer a text or phone call on his watch. He likes the apps that this watch has to offer.

After seeing how much he liked this watch and doing my own research, I decided to give it a try. The first thing I noticed was instead of keeping track of the steps like the Fitbit, it keeps track of calories. About a week or two of using the Apple Watch, I could see how this is much more effective. Where the Fitbit tracks the steps and distance, the Apple Watch will also keep track of the steps but the priority is calories. I personally feel as though this is much more accurate for lifting weights or doing body weight workouts.

I loved the sleep track feature on Fitbit so much and I was concerned how it would be using the Apple Watch. One thing that’s nice about the Apple Watch is that there are multiple apps you can download. I found a comparable app that works the same, if not better, than the Fitbit. The alarm works just as great and I feel as though I did not lose anything. It keeps track of my sleep, how long I have been sleeping and what I should aim for. The battery life, however, is not as great as the Fitbit watch. I do wear it every night when I sleep and since it needs to be charged every day and a half, I let it charge when I wake up.

There are significant features that Apple Watch has over the Fitbit. I noticed that the vibration from different notifications or alarms are much more subtle with the Apple Watch, and at times I don’t even recognize that I received a notification. Over time I’ve learned to get used to. The Apple Watch is more of an extension of my phone and is really nice to answer my phone or send a quick text. I can also have notes if I need them. If the notifications become too annoying, I can turn them off while I’m at work so I can stay focused on my job.

Ultimately, I enjoy using the Apple Watch now much more than the Fitbit. I honestly didn’t think I would. I loved my Fitbit so much which is why it was hard for me to make that decision, and it was the right decision for me. Do you have a smart watch? What do you like about it? Tell me in the comments below.


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