My Favorite Way to Organize

I hate clutter and I also hate not knowing where to put anything. Having to move from one place to another means facing a different layout and different shelving. So every time we moved, I’ve had to get creative. One place may have a ton of storage in the bathroom and the next doesn’t have any. The struggle is real folks! It’s hard while transitioning from one place to another and not knowing where to put your stuff and having to create a new home for each item. It ain’t easy trying to get the motivation to make something work when you just don’t see a good way.

BUT I recently discovered just how amazing baskets are. I’ve always loved and appreciated them, and now that I’ve started to organize my things, the appreciation has increased. They compartmentalize, keep things neat and organized and it just looks nice. Where there is lack of shelving, I have inserted baskets. These have been my sanity as I’ve slowly been trying to figure out where things go. Raise your hand if your in the same boat. Here I’m showing you how I use baskets in my home and maybe that will spark some inspiration

1. His and Hers Frangrances and Hair Products

2. Decor

3. Tea/Pantry

3. Toilet Paper

4. TV Remotes

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