Inside Our Home: Our New Couch

Our decision to move to Montana came with sacrifices that we were prepared to face. We ended up selling almost all of our furniture. That means from July until December we have been without a couch. For nearly six months we have used our bed for not only sleeping but also as a place to sit. Since there was no couch, that meant there wasn’t a reason to spend time in the living room. It was pretty empty for awhile. I tried to organize it as best I could but it became the “catch-all” room. The photo below is a snapshot of our first week in our new apartment in Montana.

Everyday I would enter my living room and look at the emptiness with longing. I started to really appreciate the simple things, like being able to sit in my living room. We were both patient but we knew it was time. The apartment not only needed the practical aspect of a couch but also needed to feel more homey.

I searched the internet and found our exact couch set on clearance. It’s a different color but with it being on clearance we ended up saving over $1,000. It was pretty obvious to both of us that we had to snag it. We were comfortable ordering it online because we knew what to expect. The only difference was the color which was not a big deal. Our old couch was a charcoal gray and online it appeared to be a lighter gray.

We had to wait about three weeks but in retrospect, what’s three weeks compared to five months? I was at work when the couch came in and got a text from my husband that it had arrived. I was so excited about coming home and relaxing on my new sofa. That’s honestly all I thought about that day until I got home. When I sat down, I was a bit surprised by the firmness as our last couch was much less firm and the material is different. I am one that likes to sink into a couch and allow it to envelop me. After a few days of testing it out, I have grown to actually like the firmness of it. The color appears to be more of a dusty brown than a light gray but, all in all, we like the couch and it’s a great piece.


The Leals

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