Four Things I Do To Stay Organized

Do you have a hard time staying organized when life gets crazy? Do you find yourself in the middle of a transition, whether that be a job change, moving, or what have you, and you struggle finding a routine? Do you look at your home and wonder how it will ever get organized with your crazy schedule? Yeah, me too! I’ve been there and I often have to take things minute by minute and break things down. Here are my go-to steps that I take when I notice chaos is getting the best of me.

1. Keep a planner.

This is absolutely vital for me. I have to write everything down otherwise I won’t remember. It helps me to keep track of my schedule, maintain a daily cleaning list, meal plan, work out. Basically everything. There have been so many times I have looked back at my planner and have been so thankful I wrote things down.

2. Meal plan

This is a must, and I’m speaking for myself too. In the midst of crazy busy life, you’re gonna want to know what is planned ahead. There have been many a time when my husband asks “So what’s for dinner?” and I realize in that moment that as I’m working hard to get other tasks complete, I forgot dinner. When having to make dinner spontaneously, it tends to be less healthy. This helps to stay on track.

3. Put the phone down

The way technology has progressed, it’s so easy to waste time just scrolling through different feeds. I have found that if I prioritize my time and put the phone down, I am able to get a lot more stuff done.

4. Create a daily task list

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with having a planner. I have found that throughout every job change, every move, every routine change, creating a task list keeps me focused and helps me get things done. If I don’t get it all done in one day, then I put it on the list for the next day. Some days I’m so busy that all I can do is three simple things on my list for that day. But that’s ok because I was able to cross some things off the list if they weren’t already on the list.

I hope you found these to be helpful. If you have tried these strategies or if you have your own, I want to hear about it! Please leave me a comment in the section below.


The Leals

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