Thanksgiving Dinner for Two, Please

The holiday season has officially arrived. This year Hubby and I celebrated Thanksgiving just the two of us. With only living in Montana for four months, we are still becoming established in our new homes. Prior to moving, we both had jobs that allowed us to have holidays off. Now that we have different jobs, there are different expectations and this year we both had to work. Luckily though, we were able to work the same hours on Thanksgiving so we could celebrate it together.

Since being married, we have been pulled from this direction and that direction, trying to juggle both sides while also keeping our sanity. We were so busy trying to squeeze in enough time with one family and then the other that it unfortunately meant “us time” for the holidays would go on the shelf. In a lot of ways, this move has been good for us in the fact that we don’t have the expectation, it’s just us. It’s so liberating knowing that we can do what we want when we want.

Since it was just us, we got a turkey small enough for two. I knew there would be no time to cook the day before or the day of. Hubby suggested to cook it in the crockpot. I’ll be honest, I was intimidated by the idea for fear of overcooking the turkey. I did my research online and found that it is possible. I rubbed it with butter, seasoned it with salt, pepper and rosemary and let it cook on low in 1/3 cup of water.

I thought about that turkey all day at work. I was so nervous that it wouldn’t turn out right. When it was finally time for me to go home, I couldn’t get home fast enough to tend to my turkey. When I walked in to my apartment I was expecting a burnt odor but instead was welcomed by the wonderful aroma of cooked turkey and rosemary. Of course I had to test it to make sure it was ok! It was so tender it started falling apart on my fork. The seasoning was perfect. The turkey was moist just enough, I only wish I had it cook in just a teeny bit more water. I may try having it cook in apple cider next year.

Earlier that week we purchased scalloped potatoes from Costco. Those little samples get us every time! Since the turkey was finished, all I had to do was let the potatoes cook in the oven for 20 mins, make the gravy, the stuffing and we were ready to eat by 5:00. It was the perfect amount. Not too much that we felt overstuffed and definitely did not have leftovers. I would consider that a success.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?


The Leals

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