How I adjusted the cats into the apartment

When we were living at the house, I will admit, I neglected my cats. They were afraid of the dog! I was just trying to get them to make friends. Rusty clearly wanted to play but never learned. He was upstairs most of the time while the cats would cower to their three level cat tower retreat in the basement. I never saw them, except when we let Rusty outside or I went downstairs to do laundry. They had everything they needed: their cat tower, endless hiding places from the aforementioned dog, food, water, and let us not forget the litter box.

I must confess, anything in the basement was out-of-sight-out-of-mind including the cat litter. I would let a significant amount of time pass before cleaning it again. I’m not proud of this fact, you know, nor am I bragging. But once we decided to move into an apartment, I knew my bad habit needed to change. I also knew I had to find a clever solution to hide it, for obvious reasons.

I scoured the internet for anything to spark my imagination and came across a cat cabinet. I remembered my parents had an old china hutch just sitting around, wasting space. I asked my dad to cut a hole on the side for easy and discreet access to the litter box.

The china hutch used to be an ugly olive green color and it just needed to be changed. I ended up getting a chalky matte paint in old gray and changed out the handles from Hobby Lobby. All that needs to be done is sanding the corners. But the little I did with it makes a huge difference. It now sits in our entryway and nobody knows it’s the cat litter. I’ve had a few people over and nobody knows that this cabinet holds the litter box. It’s a win-win.

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