We Sold Our House

Over the past three months we have been living in a whirlwind. For awhile it did not seem like we would ever catch a break. We experienced everything from losing a beloved pet, taking a parent to the emergency room, to switching jobs in the midst of moving. Sometimes it was difficult to comprehend what we were facing, but we did it, and it made our marriage stronger. Although we experienced things that were unexpected and unpleasant, there were some “blessings in disguise.”

Sam and I have talked about the idea of moving for quite some time. We’ve had various attempts with different strategies but none of them worked. As time went by, the conversation became more frequent as our yearning to move and seek adventure continued to grow. After putting our dog down, we realized it was time to take action, it was now or never. From there things began to accelerate.

Once we put the house on the market, there was no going back. Within a week, we received an offer we couldn’t pass up. Although it was exciting, I was also experiencing fear, uncertainty, and anxiety all at once. There were times I wanted to stick to what was comfortable, but I knew in my heart we would remain stuck. I needed to rely on God’s strength and trust His leading.

Ultimately, we needed to get out of the area. We soon started looking into apartments and everything fell into place at the right time. Originally the buyers wanted to close April 30th. At the time, there was no way we would be able to make that happen so we pushed it to end of May. The place we were interested in renting wouldn’t be available until August. However, they called back and had a last minute availability for us to move in the 15th. With everything working out for us we decided to take the apartment and close on the 30th.

If you have ever closed on a house, whether to buy or sell, you understand there’s always something unexpected to come up. This happened to us and we ended up waiting two weeks longer than expected. We spent that entire time wondering and waiting if we would ever close on the house. We found out there were some issues with the lender and instead of continuing to wait, the buyers opted to pay cash.

It felt so freeing to know that it was officially off our names. This allowed us to pay off a car, medical bills, and a credit card. For now, we are happy in our apartment by the lake. We aren’t in a hurry to find a house but we will know when the right one comes along.

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