Small Bathroom Transformation

The summer we bought our house, we knew there was some work that needed to be done in the bathroom. I was not impressed when I first saw it and I knew it was not an option to not give it a facelift. Let me paint a picture for you: tiny bathroom with floor to ceiling mirrors, floating ceiling, vinyl (yellow) shower, handicapped railing, oversized mirror with attached drawer, oversized vanity with shelves that always collapsed, and of course had vinyl flooring. It was like we stepped in a time warp to 1975 and everything was slapped together with no rhyme or reason. I’ve tried to think of a logical reason for the mirrors, but I just can’t.

We lived in the house a year at this point and when I heard it mentioned at more than one occasion if I wanted it updated, I knew my home would soon turn into a construction zone. I absolutely hated the mirrors so I was more than eager to update. Sam is not one to sit around and let an idea fester. He does things when he says he’s gonna do it. He’s a go-getter. The next day I received a text from him with a picture of the shower and a caption “Are you going to miss this?” He warned me the house was a mess but nothing could prepare me for the disaster I was about to walk into.

Already approaching my front porch, I could see tools scattered here and there with evident footprints from the dust. I took a deep breath and thought “Here we go.” Opening the door, I was greeted with flooring paper cut out to create a path through the house (to minimize the footprints). Dust was everywhere. The newly cleaned kitchen was now holding all of the old hardware. Everything that was in the bathroom is now in our bedroom, hindering me from reaching my side of the bed. The backyard looked like a tornado went through. I was embarrassed to even step outside! It was so messy, I didn’t even know where to sit or set my stuff down! I knew what I was signing myself up for though.

This was a project that was intended to be finished within two days but you know how that goes with construction. You never know what kind of mess you’re entering into. Our timeframe was extended to a whole week. There were several days during that time that I had to take the dogs to the dog park to get them out of the way. We were going nuts! I think the dust started to deep into my skin!

By the end of it all, we were going stir crazy! We like our home clean and tidy and that construction project well overstayed it’s welcome. Once it was finished, we wasted no time in getting the place cleaned up. I was finding dust everywhere! Dusting for weeks!

I am so proud of my husband and the hard work he has done. After two weeks, we can now enjoy our new updated bathroom. We eagerly started cleaning the house to get things back to normal. The feeling of a completed project as well as a clean house was so refreshing!

Here’s a before and after of the work accomplished.

6F595895-E969-4DA2-8DBF-5413E958FDF1  900C52B0-6D4B-40D9-8303-4F8FD2358CA6

77FE47D2-386C-4E29-A064-DAF82E1459F6.jpg  C03E780D-8F54-420A-A592-1CBAD9186469


The Leals

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